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Don't Get Hyper over Dark Pigmentation
The Eyes Have It! Rosacea? Really?
Age Old Concerns Related to Conditions of Aging
Eczema is More than Skin Deep
Is It Acne or Are You Picking on Yourself


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Don't Get Hyper over Dark Pigmentation

Also known as Melasma, Chloasma, Post Traumatic Hyper-pigmentation, Freckles and Liver Spots (Lentigines) these types of dark pigmentation are all different. Some are easier to treat, control and live with than others. What they have in common: all are flat and cannot be felt to the touch. That's it. How they differ: this is why I LOVE the skin and its many conditions- you have to think like Sherlock Holmes. Also, the skin tells us things about what is going on inside our bodies and when you know the correlation, you can figure out how to either eliminate or control that condition.

The Eyes Have It! Rosacea? Really?

So I thought I'd write about conditions that you might see (no pun intended) around your eyes. The first that comes to mind is rosacea. As you may already know, the word rosacea means red. We used to use the diagnosis acne rosacea but that was changed well over 10 years ago. When rosacea was diagnosed, we'd look for the characteristics of everything from a red glow in the cheeks to the red, bulbus nose likened always to W.C. Fields or Karl Maulden. These were two actors that you won't know unless your parents or grandparents introduced you to them.

Age Old Concerns Related to Conditions of Aging

Geriatric Aesthetics© addresses many items related to the term Aesthetics as it is understood in today's practice. It should first be recognized that the centuries old origin and meaning of the word 'Aesthetic' is specifically related to the 'philosophy of Beauty'. And the word is of French derivation. 

The term Geriatrics was originally coined to represent the medical care of the older adult population in their 80's. We are stretching its original definition to create an umbrella term for older adults 60 and above.

Eczema is More than Skin Deep

Coming from an eczema survivor. 

If you have eczema and have done "everything" you know to do: You've seen a dermatologist or twenty dermatologists, changed your skin care, changed your living environment, gotten rid of pets, changed your diet, seen an allergist.  Is there anything you haven't done? 
Have you considered "changing you mind'? All of the above in concert with one another or independent of each may help "control" your condition for a time.

Is It Acne or Are You Picking on Yourself

One of the most challenging skin conditions is called "acne excoriee". It is more than a disease of the skin it is a DIS-EASE that is exhibited through behaviors involving the skin. It represents a dis-ease with your self and your life.
Those who suffer with this condition may or may not have true acne but find they want to "get to the root of the problem", "empty", "release" or "clean-out" the "dirt" and they carry a profoundly personal sense of feeling "gross", "unclean" or a host of other low self-image and self-worth descriptors.

Natural vs. Synthetic Cosmetic Products

The question that is commonly asked by consumers and professionals is, "Which is better?" Are natural products more effective than synthetic products when it comes to skin care? The fact is there are few studies that compare and contrast the two chemistries in light of this particular question. In fact, some companies  are currently interested in studying this exact question. 
The term "natural" may be divided into at least 3 marketing categories: Authentically Natural, Natural-like and Faux Natural.

Ask Alison: It's Not Vanity, It's Your Identity

 Vanity is a term that we often think of when we meet someone who seems to be consumed with their own appearance. It is not a term we think positively about as the bible has taught since the mid 1400's that it is a sin and with or without the influence of the Bible, we learn growing up that it is generally not something that is an admired trait. 

Yet we've been taught to think in some appropriately measured way about how we look to others and to ourselves everyday in order to be accepted in our community.

Ask Alison About Your Skin

Skin Care is like exercise. In order to be fit and healthy you must EXERCISE healthy habits that your skin in particular responds to positively. All of us have skin yet all of our skin is different. Heredity, general health, environment, personal behaviors (smoking, drinking, exercise or sports), sleep patterns and how we handle stress all influence the state of our skin at any time. 

The good news is that factors that effect our skin, short of hereditary factors, can be controlled. 
In this BLOG, I will help you answer questions that may clear up mysteries about your skin, hair, nails and other appearance concerns.
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